Artist Statement

From etchings to monotypes I find printmaking wonderful way to express myself.  Photography, as well, has long been a major interest of mine.  Not only do I love producing photographs to be framed and enjoyed, I have learned many ways to use parts of my photographs in my printmaking.  My most recent work includes several series containing images extracted from my photographs and which are then digitally printed over my monotypes.  These often have additional media added next.  I am fascinated by the way I can combine several processes and styles to create something new and unique.  Another way I have incorporated my photographs into my prints has been with solar plates.

Experimenting with varying techniques in etching and intaglio has also drawn my interest.  I enjoy drawing into hard ground to create etchings as well as using various other techniques to create line and texture such as white ground and collagraph plates.  Each technique allows me to present my ideas in new ways.    The creativity enabled by printmaking is a fulfilling way to share my view of the world.

I have also enjoyed working with encaustic.  There are a number of different methods of working with wax which each produces satisfying results.  I have even made encaustic plates to ink and print in the press.

Producing art in a variety of media is challenging.  I find that working in one medium can affect how I work in a previously used medium, often setting me free to explore new paths.  Watercolor, acrylics, ink. pastels, colored pencils and, of course, digital imaging are common media which I use independently or to enhance prints, making them multi-media pieces.